Released: October, 2020

New Features:

Extended Regional Availability

Strivacity Fusion is now deployed and providing data sovereignty in the following additional countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

ServiceNow - Customer Service Management Integration

Strivacity Fusion now supports integration with ServiceNow's Paris Release - so you can extend your ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) using all of the functionality of Fusion.

Social Login Support (with Customer Data Handling)

Strivacity Fusion now provides self-service registration and login for customers using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github, and Microsoft Logins. Fusion can now use the authentication and authorization services from these social providers and can also synchronize and store customer social attributes within the Strivacity Identity Store.

Consent Management

Strivacity Fusion now includes Consent Management which makes it easy for to add option or mandatory opt in or opt out consents to the customer registration process. Fusion then stores receipts for those consents so that admins can see when they were granted and when they were revoked.

Customers can then use Self-Service Account Management to manage those consents as they wish to opt in or opt out.

Anonymous Visitor and Consent API

Strivacity Fusion now has an Anonymous Visitor API that can create, update, get and delete anonymous visitor information and create, update, get and delete consents associated with anonymous visitors.

Dashboard Updates

The dashboard now has new widgets that show the number of social logins (by provider), the number of social registrations (by provider), consents granted/revoked, and total number of anonymous visitors (to a web application).

Add and Manage Additional Identity Stores

You can now add and manage additional instances of the Strivacity Identity Store (Fusion's own built-in identity store). As an example, this is useful if for example you wanted to use Fusion to manage multiple applications and each application uses its own separate and isolated identity store.

Customize SMS Wording and Alpha Tags

You can now add custom wording to the SMS notifications for Multi-Factor Authentication (and enrollment) and request Alpha Tags for SMS messages (supported by most carriers in most countries).

Session Management

Both administrators and customers can now view and terminate sessions within the admin console or Self-Service account management. Both roles can now viewing the browser type, the geographic location and the IP address from where the session originated and end the session if required.