Default identity store attributes

Here, you can learn more about attributes and how you can adopt your identity store schema to fit your data collection strategies.


Identity stores come with a default schema that contains a comprehensive list of pre-configured attributes that are most commonly used in customer data collection.


Attributes are configurable account information fields that can be made available for the customer identities registered in the identity store.

Default identity store schema

Default identity store schema

These default attributes are all set with a governing native claim. The claim corresponds to the type of customer data collected in that specific field.

Attribute adaptability

Default attributes can be used in various parts of the customer journey:

Custom attributes

The identity store schema empowers you to expand your attribute store in a flexible way, allowing you to configure new fields for search indexing, third-party data synchronization, or to adjust their functionality.

For more information on how to configure and extend the list of available attributes and to learn about the various attribute types, go to the following pages: