Rate Limiting


Strivacity implements rate limiting across all of its APIs, on a per instance basis. Rate limits may vary depending on the type of API that is being used.

In general, APIs will respond with HTTP 429 Too Many Requests when the rate limit has been reached.

If the rate limit is being reached then brands should back off on their use of the API until the rate limit period has expired.

Our default rate limiting should facilitate approximately:

1) 144,000 registrations over a 24 hour period

2) 144,000 logins over a 24 hour period

3) 86 million anonymous visitors and consents over a 24 hour period.

If a higher rate limit is required then contact us at [email protected]

Rate Limits

Strivacity implements the following limits for production instances of Fusion.


Rate Limit

Administrative APIs

  • 100/sec total

  • 60/minute per customer IP

Anonymous Visitor API

  • 1000/sec total

  • 600/minute per customer IP

Authentication APIs

  • 100/sec total

  • 60/minute per customer IP