Learn how to manage general configuration of your Fusion instance.

To manage the general configuration of your Fusion instance, follow these simple steps.

1) Start by logging into the Admin Console using an admin account

2) From the main menu, select Configuration, then General.

3) Under the Configuration screen, you will see a listing of all of the configuration options as shown below:

4) The table below explains each of the pieces of information or options that can be configured within Configuration. Once you've made any necessary changes, click the Save button.




Company Name

This is the value of the company name attribute that is used as a variable through Fusions interfaces and customer notifications

Tenant Address

This is the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of this instance of Fusion. This address is key to accessing the admin console and using APIs

Hosting Region

This is the country or region that Fusion is deployed too. This would have been chosen during the creation of this Fusion instance. For more information about country/region options see Regional Availability.