REST API Access Policies
Learn how to use Fusion's REST API Access Policies to define API permission for your Fusion instance.


Fusion allows brand administrators very granular control over REST API permissions exposed by their instance. Administrators can enable or disable REST APIs at the read, write, or delete level.

Creating a REST API Access Policy

1) Start by logging into the Admin Console using an admin account.
2) From the left-hand menu, select Configuration, then REST APIs.
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3) Click the + Create Access Policy button.
4) The Create Access Policy screen will be displayed, as shown below:
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5) Give your Access Policy a Name.
6) Decide which Application you want to assign the Access Policy to with the Application dropdown.
7) Decide which Scopes you wish to enable for this Access Policy. The Scopes described here map to OAUTH scopes that would be requested during the authorization step of using the APIs. The available scopes are described in detail in the Scopes section of the Using the Rest APIs area of the documentation.
7) Click Save.
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