Creating a Group
Learn how to use the Fusion Admin Console to create and manage customer groups
Follow these steps to create a new group with Fusion.
1) Log into the Fusion Admin Console, select Accounts and Groups from the main menu on the left-hand side of the console, and then select Groups. If any groups already exist, they will be displayed here.
2) If you have multiple Identity Stores already set up, you will need to select the correct Identity Store where you want to create the account. If you only have a single Identity Store then 'Default' will be displayed (next to the Create Account button), as shown below.
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3) You can now create a new group by clicking the 'Create Group' button. You will be taken to the Create Group screen as shown below.
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4) You will need to populate the the Group Name, and optionally provide a description.
5) Once you've typed in your attribute values, click 'Save'.
6) Upon successful account creation, you will be taken back to the Groups screen and shown a listing of all accounts within that Identity Store.
7) The group is now available for use.
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