Delete an Account
Learn how to use the Fusion Admin Console to delete customer identities.

Danger Zone

For some, the Danger Zone may conjure warm memories of Tom Cruise's daring carrier take-offs and edge-of-your-seat missile locks from 1986's smash hit Top Gun, however, when it comes to Fusion's Danger Zones (and this is one of several) we ask that you approach them more like Ice Man than Maverick.
Deleting a customer account is an irreversible action that deletes the entirety of the customer account and all of their identity information from the identity store. Any Adaptive MFA settings or Consent information will also be deleted.
Due to the super-secure way that the Strivacity Identity Store actually stores data, Strivacity will not be able to recover any customer account on behalf of your brand.
To Delete an Account, follow these steps:
1) When viewing/editing an account, at the bottom of the page you will find the Danger Zone
2) Click Delete, as shown below
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3) Click 'Delete' to the delete the account permanently, or 'Cancel' to cancel, as shown below:
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