Creating a group
Here, you can learn how to create and manage customer groups. You can use groups to restrict customers from accessing applications that are off-limits or irrelevant to them.
1) Navigate to Accounts and Groups > Groups in the Admin Console.
Groups can be created on an identity-store basis. To make sure you're in the right identity store, you can select it from the drop-down on the right of the Groups page.
Identity store drop-down in Groups
2) Click
You will be taken to the new group's General page.
3) Here, you can name your group and add a description.
Create group General page
The 'Members' tab is disabled until you save the general settings.
4) Click 'Save' once you've added your changes to create your group.
You will be redirected to the group listing.
Listing of available groups on the Groups page
5) You can select a group to manage members, change the name or description, or delete it.
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