Managing Group Membership
Learn how to manage and edit group membership within Fusion
Group membership in Fusion can be managed in two ways:
1) Managing Group Membership by Group - view the group that you wish to add/remove members to/from
2) Managing Group Membership per Account - view the customer account that you wish to add/remove group membership to/from

Managing Group Membership via the Group

Follow these simple steps to manage the members of a group.
1) Log into the Fusion Admin Console, select Accounts and Groups from the main menu on the left-hand side of the console, and then select Groups. All existing groups will be displayed here
2) If you have multiple Identity Stores already set up, you will need to select the correct Identity Store where you want to create the account. If you only have a single Identity Store then 'Default' will be displayed (next to the Create Account button), as shown below
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3) Select, or use Search to locate the group that you wish to manage. Once you've located the group, click its name. You will then see the Edit Group screen as shown below
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4) Here you can change the group name and/or the description of the group
5) To start managing the membership of this group, click the Members tab. Assuming they're no members yet within this group the Members list will be empty, with the option to Add Members, as shown below
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6) Next, click the 'Add Members' button. You will now be displayed a list of all customer identities within that same identity store. Search and locate the accounts that you wish to add to this group. In the below screen, we've selected the account of 'Michael Gentry'. Once the account or accounts are selected, click the '+' button to add the account to the group
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7) Upon clicking '+' you will see a dialog asking you to confirm the change. Click 'Add' to continue.
8) This account has now been added to the group. Selecting 'Back to Group Members' will now show that this account is a member of the group
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9) If you wish to remove an account as a member of the group, click the Trash Can icon alongside that account. You will see a dialog asking you to confirm the removal. Click 'Remove' to continue

Managing Group Membership for an Account

In addition to viewing and editing group membership for any given group, helpdesk or support personal also have the option of viewing an individual customer account and viewing/adding/removing group membership.
To view the groups that an account is a member of, follow these simple steps
1) Locate the customer account that you wish to manage group membership for in Identities and Groups > Identities
2) Next, click the '+ Add to Group' button, as shown below
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3) Next, within the Select Groups dialog box you can type the name and search/select which groups you wish to add this account to. Once you've selected all of your groups, click the 'Add Account To Group' button, as shown below.
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4) Within the Edit Account > Member of Tab you will now see a list of all of the groups that the account is a member of, including any new accounts that have been added
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