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Default Password Policy
Learn more about Fusion's default password policy and how it can mitigate common risks to passwords.
Fusion comes pre-configured with a default password policy that is aligned to the 2019 NIST 800-63 Password Guidelines.
While the 2019 NIST 800-63 Password Guidelines do not recommend any password complexity requirements, please note that Fusion Password Policies do support password complexity and more advanced password options. See Setup and Manage Password Policies for more information.
The Fusion Default Password Policy is automatically assigned on a per-Identity Store basis and is automatically assigned to the Default Identity Store from the moment that you start using the Fusion, i.e. there is nothing that you need to do to ensure some password best practices are enforced for your customer accounts.
The Default Password Policy is configured as shown in the table below:
Default Value
Minimum Length
8 ASCII characters
The minimum length of a password
Password Guessing Avoidance
(must not contain)
The password must not contain the customer's first name
The password must not contain the customer's last name
Any part of the Username
The password must not contain any part of the customers username (if username is being used)
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