Using Your Own Brand, Logos, and Color Schemes
Here you can learn how to rebrand your Fusion instance to use your own logo and color scheme for each application.


Rebranding Fusion to use your own logo, color scheme, and custom URLs can be completed in a few easy steps. Since Fusion supports multiple applications and multiple branding policies, each application can have its own look and feel.
Any logo or color scheme changes will be applied to the following Fusion components for any application as shown in the some of the examples below.
Self-Service Registration
Self-Service Account Management
Rebranded login with some example social providers
Rebranded Self-service Registration
Rebranded Self-service Account Management

Learn How To:

Create a Branding Policy

1) Log into the Admin Console using an admin account
2) From the left-hand menu, select Branding
3) You'll see that any Branding Policies are listed, as shown in the screenshot below. The default Strivacity branding policy is used by default for any new application
4) To create a new Branding Policy, click + Create Branding Policy button from the top right corner, as shown in the screenshot below:
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The following table contains an overview of the available options:
Branding Policy Name
Define a name for this Branding Policy. This name is displayed in the Branding Policy listing and used to refer to this policy throughout Fusion
Brand Name
The name of your brand or company name. This is the text/value that is displayed through Fusion, e.g. in the browser window name and in notification policies
Privacy Policy URL
Customize the URL behind the privacy policy link displayed on all Fusion pages
Site Terms and Conditions URL
Customize the URL behind the site terms and conditions link displayed on all Fusion pages
Copyright Text in Footer
Change the text displayed as the copyright information on all Fusion pages
Support Text in Footer
Change the support wording text that is displayed within the My Account self-service page.
Logo URL
Specify an Internet-accessible location. The image file format must be:
    Be an SVG or PNG
    Have a minimum height of 75px
    Have a maximum height of 100px
Logo Preview
Here you will see a preview of the logo image provided via the Logo URL. The logo preview will only be available if the image meets the image requirements
Primary Color
The Primary Color must be defined in hexadecimal format
Background Color
The Background Color must be defined in hexadecimal format
Show Strivacity Logo in Footer
Enable and disable whether to display the Strivacity logo in the footer of any pages, e.g. the login page
Custom Registration and Login Text
Here you can specify any custom text, or use Markdown to add informational messages or text to:
    Top of the Registration Form
    Bottom of the Registration Form
    Top of the Account Selector
    Bottom of the Account Selector
    Top of the Login Screen
    Bottom of the Login Screen
Advanced CSS Configuration
Here you can specify any CSS override values for the branding policy. This enables any design element of the login/registration and self-service components to be branded beyond the capabilities of the configuration of the branding policy
5) Once you've setup your policy, click the Save button.

Assign a Branding Policy to an Application

1) Log into the Admin Console using an admin account
2) From the left-hand menu, select Applications
3) From the list of applications that you have configured, click the application that you wish to edit. The Edit Application screen will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below. (If you have not yet created any Branding policies, then you'll notice that the Default Branding Policy is automatically assigned to the Application)
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4) Under Application Properties, click the Branding Policy drop down list as shown in the screenshot below. In this example you can select between the Default policy and the example policy, Brandtegrity Branding Policy
5) Once you've selected the Branding Policy that you wish to use click the Save button.
6) The new Branding Policy and its settings will apply to that Application immediately.
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