Identity Stores
Learn how to setup and configure Strivacity Identity Stores within Fusion.


Fusion provides its own built-in Identity store capability which is a highly scalable and performant directory service capable of storing billions of identities.
A default Identity Store is available with your instance of Fusion without any further configuration.
The Strivacity Identity Store provides what would be considered core 'directory' services to Strivacity Fusion including, but not limited to:
  1. 1.
    Secure storage for all of your customer identities and groups
  2. 2.
    Secure storage of all your customers passwords
  3. 3.
    Secure storage of any customer PII wherever it stored as part of the customer registration process or synchronized from a 3rd party identity provider or social identity provider
  4. 4.
    A fully extensible schema that allows you to create, manage and delete your own attributes and choose how they are used and displayed to customers
The Fusion Identity Store is entirely extensible, meaning that you can choose which attributes to store customer a customer account.

Key Features

1) Extending the Schema and Managing Account Attributes
Fusion's Identity Store is fully extensible so that you can easily add, edit, and configure attributes for customer accounts. This gives complete flexibility whether you just want to:
  • Display additional fields to customers to have them provide profile information. You can pick and choose where in Fusion's customer facing components these attributes are displayed
  • You can add and use additional attributes for the synchronization of other account information from other 3rd-party systems using Lifecycle Event Hooks
  • You can use additional attributes to store claims when used in conjunction with Claim Mappings and Federation
2) Managing Identity Stores
Fusion provides for the easy management of Identity Stores all from within the Admin Console. This enables administrators to quick view, manage and delete existing identity stores.
3) Adding an New Identity Store
Fusion has removed much of the complexity associated with creating and setting up a new directory. Fusion allows for an unlimited number of identity stores to give customers complete flexibility on how they may choose to store customer accounts and any corresponding PII.
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