Getting Started
Using the Dashboard
Adaptive rules: an overview
Make rules for your adaptive MFA policy to define appropriate actions based on geographical areas or IP addresses: block access, ask for second factors at login, or let your customers skip MFA.

Blocking rules

Create blocking rules to deny registration and authentication from specific geographic locations or IP addresses.
You can configure restricted geographical locations on a city, state, or country level.
Once a geo-location or a subnet is blocked, step-up or step-down rules can't be applied to their lower-level locations or subnets, since they are also blocked.
Provide exceptions to your blocking rule when it would take more effort to list all the restricted IP addresses or geo-locations:

Step-up rules

Step-up rules bypass device recognition in specified geographical locations or when login takes place from certain IP addresses.
Apply step-up rules in the areas you don't want device recognition to apply and would rather ask for an additional factor from your customers to mitigate risks.
Once step-up is applied to a geo-location or a subnet, step-down rules can't be applied to their lower-level locations or subnets, since step-up already applies.

Step-down rules

Let your customers skip their second factor of authentication when logging in from geographical locations or IP addresses you trust:
In case of a passwordless workflow, customers are asked their password at login if step-down applies.

Device recognition

Is a recognized device
Enable device recognition to make the option part of the login workflow.
If customers opt in, then they will not be asked a second factor for the number of days specified or until their device is removed.
Number of days to remember the device
Provide the number of days your customers can activate device recognition until they have to re-confirm their decision.
This is 30 days by default.
Enable remember my device by default
Switch on if you want to have the 'Remember my device' checkbox selected by default for your customers.