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Creating an Adaptive MFA Policy
Learn how to create an Adaptive MFA policy to protect your portal or web application.
To create an Adaptive MFA policy, follow these simple steps. To use the Adaptive MFA policy once you've created it, simply follow the Assigning an Adaptive MFA Policy to an Application steps.
1) Start by logging into the Admin Console using an admin account
2) From the left-hand menu, select Adaptive MFA
3) Under the Adaptive MFA Policy screen, you will see a listing of all Adaptive MFA policies. If this is a new Fusion instance, then you will only see the Default Adaptive MFA Policy, as shown below:
4) To create a new Adaptive MFA policy, click the + Create Policy button in the top right hand corner.
5) The Create Adaptive MFA Policy page will be displayed, as shown below:
6) Set up your adaptive MFA policy:
  • Manage the basic information of your policy in the General tab. Find out more here.
  • Configure multi-factor methods in the next tab. Find out more here.
  • Make geo-location or IP-based rules for your adaptive MFA policy. Find out more here.
7) Click Save once you're finished with the settings.
See Assigning an Adaptive MFA Policy to an Application for the next steps on how these settings can be applied to take effect.
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