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Using the Dashboard
General settings: an overview
Strivacity Fusion provides several built-in login workflows to choose from when planning your customer journey. Learn about the basic settings of your adaptive MFA policy here.
Adaptive MFA Policy Name
Name your Adaptive MFA policy (mandatory) to reference it in Strivacity Fusion.
Adaptive MFA Policy Login Workflow
Select one of the built-in login workflows that best suits your customer journey.

Login workflows

Strivacity Fusion lets you add a unique customer journey with its own login workflow to each of your Applications.
Login workflow
Customer journey
Username → MFA → Password
The default workflow for Strivacity Fusion, included within the default Adaptive MFA policy.
Requires an identifier from the customer, then an MFA method, finally, their password. This workflow prevents account lockout that otherwise occurs by password brute-force attacks.
Username → Password → MFA
Requires an identifier from the customer, then their password, finally, the customer is stepped up to MFA.
Passwordless (Username → MFA)
Requires an identifier from the customer, then the customer is stepped up to MFA.
No password required. While this workflow arguably only applies a single factor, it removes the attack vector of the secret (the password) being stolen (and used) by an attacker entirely.
Username → Password (single factor only)
The username and password workflow is just that!
Passwordless workflow: if your customer hasn't enrolled yet in an MFA method or step-down rules apply to the geographical region or IP address they are accessing your applications from, they will be asked to provide their password for authentication.
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