Consent management
Learn how to set up and use consents to help adhere to regulatory and legal requirements for your portal or web application.

Developing a sound/reliable consent management process is an essential part of your brand’s overall data strategy. A comprehensive approach to consent collection helps you adapt to varying data protection policies across different contexts/geographical locations. It also allows you to clearly state your data collection practices – purpose, usage, storage – to customers, preferably in your brand’s unique voice and tone.
With the Strivacity built-in consent management solution, you can check all of these boxes.

Consent Management comes with a user-friendly editor interface where you can create consent requests that reflect your brand's personality.
Consent Management allows you to

Once you have your consents all lined up, you can add them to your applications with just a few clicks.
You can add as many consents as you need to a single application or recycle consents and use them in multiple applications.
Strivacity Fusion supports 3 types of consents:
1) Optional with checkbox Customers can skip this type of consent in the registration and login workflow and can manage it in their self-service account.
2) Mandatory with checkbox Required to continue the registration or login workflow. Customers can actively indicate their acknowledgment by selecting a checkbox.
3) Mandatory without checkbox Required to continue the registration or login workflow. Consent arises from the customer's choice to continue to the next step in their workflow.
Lifecycle event hooks can prepare your applications to comply with data protection policies by geographical location.

During the identity verification customer journey, consent is collected and logged to verify customer identity.

You can display consent requests in the registration and login workflows for customers:
Consent requests in the customer journey
Customers can manage their consents in the self-service accounts.
Self-service consent management for customers
You can allow or restrict your customers from managing their consents in their accounts by adjusting the self-service policy of your application.

The Admin Console keeps track of the consent receipts for every customer account. Admins can look up when a customer has granted or revoked their agreements.
Consent receipt logs

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