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Consent Management
Learn how to setup and use Consent policies to help adhere to regulatory and legal requirements for your portal or web application.


Fusion now includes Consent Management which makes it easy to add optional or mandatory opt in or opt out consents to the customer registration or login process. Fusion then stores receipts for those consents so that admins can see when they were granted and when they were revoked.
Customers can then use Self-Service Account Management to manage those consents and later choose to opt in or opt out.
Fusion's consents are entirely customizable, meaning that the text displayed and the type of consent/agreement that you're asking of your customer is entirely of your choosing based on what legal or audit are asking you (as the portal/application owner) to display.
All Self-Service capabilities are managed through the Admin Console and can configured, enabled or disabled on a per policy basis and assigned to an application.
Fusion's consents can be assigned on an application basis and can be also shared between multiple applications.
Fusion supports 3 types of consents, an example of each is show in the example registration screen below:
1) Optional with checkbox
2) Mandatory with checkbox
3) Mandatory without checkbox
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