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Assigning a Consent to an Application
Learn how to assign any consents to an application and choose which consent type you wish to apply.
Once a Consent is assigned to an application, it will take immediate effect for that application. Any new customers who self-register or use social login will be subject to any consents that you have set in place. Customers with existing accounts will also be prompted on their next login with new mandatory consents.
To assign a Consent to an existing Application, take the following steps.
If you have not created any Consents or an Application see the following guides. You will need to create at least one consent and one application before continuing with assigning a consent to an application.
1) Log in to the Admin Console using your admin account
2) From the left-hand menu, select Applications
3) From the list of applications that you have configured, click the application that you wish to edit. The Edit Application screen will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below
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4) Under Consent Management, click the + Add Consent button
5) After click + Add Consent, any consents that you've already created will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:
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6) Once you've selected which existing consent to add to the application, the drop down list on the right can be used to choose the consent type that will be assigned to the consent, as shown in the screenshot below:
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Strivacity Fusion provides 3 consent types, which are explained in the table below:
Consent Type
Optional with checkbox
Customer can choose whether to opt in at their discretion according to the consent displayed. Will not prevent the self-service account registration from proceeding if not selected.
Mandatory with checkbox
Requires the customer to select the checkbox to agree/comply with the consent. If not selected, it will prevent self-service or social registration, local login, or social login from proceeding.
Mandatory without checkbox
Used to display any notification or terms of use you require customers to note and accept at self-service registration, social registration, or their next local or social login.
Like any other consent, the text displayed here is entirely up to you!
We've added Pre-Progressive Profiling to our list of supported lifecycle events. Use hooks to adapt your progressive profiling experiences to various scenarios.
7) Once you've added all of your consents and assigned a consent type, click the Save button. This will apply any new consents to your application immediately.
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