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Creating a Consent
Learn how to create and configure consents in Fusion, giving you the ability to request and track optional and mandatory consents and the customers the ability to easy choose to opt in or opt out.
To create a Consent follow these simple steps. To use a Consent once you've created it, simply follow the Assigning a Consent to an Application steps.
1) Start by logging into the Admin Console using an admin account
2) From the left-hand menu, select Consent Management
3) Under the Consent Management screen, you will see a listing of all Consents if any have been created. If this is a new Fusion instance, then you will not see any listed as shown below:
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4) To create a new Consent, click the + Create Consent button in the top right hand corner.
5) The Create Consent page will be displayed, as shown below:
6) The table below explains each of the options that can configured for a Consent. Once you've setup your policy, click the Save button.
See Assigning a Consent to an Application for the next steps on how these settings can be applied to take effect.
Fusion's consents support Markdown, so if you're familiar with its syntax you can your own formatting to the text that is displayed during the registration screen. If you're unfamiliar with Markdown see for further information.
Define a name for this Consent. This name is displayed in the Consent Management listing and used to refer to this Consent throughout Fusion.
Here you can define a description for this application
Consent Statement
Here you can define the consent statement that is displayed during the self-service registration process.
Self-Service Consent Text
Here you can define alternative consent statement text for that is specifically displayed within the self-service account management page. This gives you additional flexibility to guide the customer and/or provide them with further information about how their information is being used.
Versioning is currently not fully supported, however in future versions of Fusion you will be able to modify and maintain multiple versions of consents.
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