Getting Started
Using the Dashboard
Manage Customers Consent Receipts
Learn how to mange your customers consent receipts for audit and compliance purposes.
To begin managing any existing accounts, using an Admin account log into the Fusion Admin Console and select Accounts and Groups from the main menu on the left-hand side of the console. Any accounts that already exist will be displayed here.
If you are using multiple identity stores ensure you have the correct identity store listed so that you can easily locate the customer account that are you looking to manage!
To edit any attributes or settings of an account, or in this case view the consent receipts for an account, perform the following steps:
1) Within Identities and Groups, select the Identity Store from the drop-down list in the top right-hand menu that contains the account that you wish to edit.
2) Once you've located the account that you wish to edit, you can simply click anywhere in the gray highlighted row of the account. Alternatively, you can click the edit button which is also displayed on the highlighted row of the account, as shown below:
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3) The Edit Account page is displayed as shown below:
4) Under the Consents section of Edit Account page you will be able to see a table showing any consent receipts for any of the corresponding receipts for a customer. If the customer has revoked (opted-out) of any optional consents then this will be shown as revoked.
5) Click Cancel to leave the account page.
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