Getting Started
Using the Dashboard
Copy, export, and import notification policies
Duplicate existing notification policies with their customized templates or import policies from other Strivacity Fusion instances.

Copy a notification policy

1) Click on the copy icon of a selected notification policy.
2) Strivacity Fusion will create an identical copy of the policy, appending its name with 'copy' at the end.
3) After you've made the necessary changes to the copy of your policy, click Save.
It may take a couple of seconds:
4) Click Done to confirm. Your copy will be added to the Notifications list:

Export a notification policy

1) Select a notification policy.
2) Click on the overflow menu appearing on the right.
3) Select 'Export selected'.
4) A dialogue will open. Click 'Export' to continue.
5) Save your JSON file to a folder of choice.

Import a notification policy

1) Click on the arrow pointing downwards at '+ Create Notification Policy'.
2) Select 'Import from JSON file'.
Only JSON files of the same policy type, exported from a Strivactiy Fusion instance can be imported successfully.
3) Your file manager will open. Select a previously exported notification policy file.
4) Wait while the file is being imported. It may take a couple of seconds.