Assigning a notification policy to an application

Learn how to assign a notification policy to an application to alert and notify the customers using your portal or web application.

To assign an existing Notification policy to an existing Application, take the following steps.

If you have not created an Notification policy or an Application see the following guides:

1) Log in to the Admin Console using your admin account

2) From the left-hand menu, select Applications

3) From the list of applications that you have configured, click the application that you wish to edit. The Edit Application screen will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below (you'll notice that the Default Notification Policy is automatically assigned to the Application).

4) Under Application Properties, click Notification Policy drop down list as shown in the screenshot below. In this example you can select between the Default policy and the example policy, Brandtegrity Notification Policy.

Notification policy assignment

Notification policy assignment

5) Once you've selected the Notification Policy that you wish to use click the Save button.

6) The new notification policy and its settings will apply immediately.