Account impersonation

Sometimes, the easiest way for a customer service representative to help a customer is to log in on their behalf and see exactly what the customer is seeing. With Strivacity’s User Impersonation feature, customer service can temporarily login as the customer using a time-limited access link.


Account impersonation can occur when an administrator has user management rights, including a special right for Account Impersonation. This special permission can be reserved only for authorized customer service personnel, so that only certain individuals can get this privileged access.


  • An application client with a configured login URL
  • An administrator account that has user management rights, including Account Impersonation Admin roles

How to impersonate a customer

  • Go to Account Management
  • Find the user account that you want to impersonate
  • Click the "Impersonate account" button
  • The resulting dialog will ask you to select the application client the admin will log in to on behalf of the account's user
  • The dialog will also ask you to provide a reason for the impersonation session. Reasons are logged in the related account event that occurs when impersonation sessions occur.
  • Session links expire after 3 minutes