Create a branding policy

Learn how to create a branding policy to configure the look and feel of your web application.

You can create a branding policy following these simple steps. To apply the branding policy, simply follow the Assigning a branding policy to an application.

  1. Navigate to Branding in the Admin Console.


You will find every existing branding policy listed here.

  1. Click + Create branding policy.
Branding policy list

Branding policy list

A blank policy template will open where you can add the following configurations:

  • General settings allow you to add essential styling, basic communications to your customer experiences, or links to user agreements
  • The Style editor under the pencil-ruler icon allows you to add custom CSS to your branding. The CSS editor is also available in Advanced mode.
  • Advance mode allows you to add scripts, HTML with additional content, and custom communication to journey steps with additional text.
  • You can view the preview of journey steps in the simple mode inside the editor or open a different tab with the Preview button to see your styling on a full screen.
  1. Click 'Save' to save every configuration.

Here, you can find information about how you can manage branding policies: