MFA management for administrative account

This page explains how to manage your MFA options in an administrative account.


The security options that protect and govern the authentication workflow for Strivacity administrator accounts are configured via the Admin Adaptive MFA Policy.

See Admin Adaptive MFA for more information on how to choose which security options you can use to protect your Strivacity Admin Accounts.

This is how you can enroll and manage MFA in your administrative account:

1) Log in to the Admin Console using an admin account.

2) Click on your username for profile options in the top right-hand avatar menu.

ā€‹3) Click My Account from the drop-down menu, as shown below:

Avatar menuAvatar menu

Avatar menu


You will be redirected to your My Account page.

4) Go to Security Settings in your profile.

5) Click on 'Add new method'.

Admin MyAccount security settingsAdmin MyAccount security settings

6) Any changes to MFA methods take immediate effect and will be enforced at next log-in to the Fusion Admin Console


Based on the existing admin adaptive MFA configuration, every available MFA enrollment option will show up for admins. You can adjust the self-service MFA options available for administrative accounts at admin adaptive mfa.

Admin self-service MFA enrollment optionsAdmin self-service MFA enrollment options


Each MFA method navigates admins through a different enrollment workflow. You can find out more about how to enroll in each method at MFA method enrollment flows. (MFA self-service workflows are the same for admins and customers.)

6) After enrolling in each method you wanted to, your setting will take immediate effect at next login to the Admin Console.