Edit attributes

Change the display name, configure the visibility, add a custom error message, and manage many more settings for account attributes.


Editing the identity store schema can have adverse effects on your customer experience. By design, new attributes cannot be deleted (they can be disabled and hidden). While this helps avoid accidental data destruction we advise caution when managing account attributes.

  1. Open an Identity Store for editing.
  2. Click on the attribute you want to view or edit. In this example, we're going to view/edit the Email attribute.
String attribute settings

Email attribute settings

You can configure many aspects of the attribute:

  • enable or disable the attribute across the identity store
  • configure the attribute's visibility or availability in various customer or administrative experiences
    • mandatoriness: Make the attribute mandatory
    • self-service experiences: Show attribute during registration or on My Account page, Enable editing of the attribute on My Account page
    • administrative experiences: Show attribute in admin console, Enable editing of the attribute in admin console
  • define the governing native claim of the attribute
  • apply conditional logic to the attribute to personalize customer data forms


'Email' is a string type attribute. In total, Strivacity supports 5 types of attributes that slightly vary in configuration options. You can find out about each type and how to configure them on their respective pages.

Attribute availability

Lifecycle Event Hook context

Once enabled, attributes are available in the Lifecycle Event Hook context, even if they're not set to mandatory or do not appear in the self-service experiences or the Admin Console (the attribute's visibility and availability switches are not checked at all).

API context

If an attribute is set to show in the Admin Console, 'Show attribute in admin console', it becomes visible in the APIs, but not editable. To make it also editable via APIs, editing of the attribute also has to be enabled in the Admin Console , 'Enable editing of the admin console'.