Customer invitation

This page explains how to invite customers to create an account for themselves in your applications.


With customer invitation, you can take the first step towards your potential customers and offer them a shortcut to your application sign-up form. From there, the rest is up to them, but in hopes of driving up your conversion rate, you can spare customers some administrative tasks by pre-filling their profile information in the invite or allowing them to sign in with an external identity.

Example invitation sign-up form with pre-filled detailsExample invitation sign-up form with pre-filled details

How to invite customers

1) Navigate to 'Accounts and Groups' in the Admin Console.

2) Open and select Accounts from the submenu:

Accounts menu under Accounts and GroupsAccounts menu under Accounts and Groups

3) Click the 'Invite Customer' button on the right.


You can select the identity store you need from the drop-down next to the button.

Invite Customer button on the Accounts pageInvite Customer button on the Accounts page

Account invitation form

Account invitation formAccount invitation form

1) At 'Application', select an application you wish to invite the customer to.


Only applications that are configured to use OAuth2/OIDC can use the customer invite feature. SAML2 apps are not supported at this time.

2) At 'Invite Method', add the email address where the invitation will be sent.


The email address where the invitation is sent can automatically become the identifier of the account if the identity store supports the 'EMAIL' identifier. You can restrict customers to the email address the invitation was sent to or allow them to use a different email address as an identifier. Learn how to configure allowing a different email address.


Invitation sending will always be denied if

  • the invite method field is set to read-only in the application's self-service policy AND
  • the email address you provide in the invitation form is already tied to an existing customer identity in the current identity store

3) Under 'Basic Information', fill in profile information for the new customer account.

When accepting the invitation, invitees can double-check the information (in fields made available to them during registration) that goes in their profiles before accounts are created.

4) Add the invitee to one or more Groups using the '+Add Group' button.


The customer identity will be placed in the selected group(s) after account creation.


Identities invited to the application are also automatically added to every group assigned to the application. If there are more groups assigned to the application than you include in the invitation, the customer identity will be added to the additional groups as well. You can manage group memberships afterwards.

Group assignment in the customer invitation formGroup assignment in the customer invitation form

5) Click 'Send invite' once you've filled out the invitation form.

There will be an entry created for the invited customer identity in the Invitations tab:

Pending customer account invitationPending customer account invitation

If the customer accepts the invitation and completes sign-up, the invitation's status will change from 'Pending' to 'Done', and the account will be listed in the 'Accounts' tab.

Pending and completed invitations listedPending and completed invitations listed

While waiting for the customer to respond, you can:

  • Resend the invitation
  • View the details of the invitation
  • Revoke the invitation in detailed view

Pending invitation detailed viewPending invitation detailed view


Revoked invitations are removed from the 'Invitations' list permanently.