Export and import identity stores

You can move identity stores that contain complex attribute configurations, groups, and organization roles across Strivacity instances.

Export identity store

The export feature allows you to download the configuration of identity stores in a JSON file.


Only the configuration information is downloaded. Identity store exports do not contain the accounts stored in the identity store or any user information belonging to the accounts. The password policy assignment information isn't downloaded either.

  1. First, select the identity store(s) you want to export.
  2. You can click 'Export' once the option becomes available after you've made your selection.
  3. A dialogue will ask you if you want to export
    1. the groups part of the identity store
    2. the organization roles within the identity store
  4. You can click 'Export' on the dialogue once you're ready.


The export feature will prepare every item that's ready for download. You can also check the summary of the items contained in the export.

  1. Once the export preparation is completed, you can 'Download' the JSON file.
  2. You can save your file to a folder of your choice.

Import identity store

The import feature allows you to upload a previously exported identity store (e.g. from a different Strivacity instance).


When importing an identity store, a password policy has to be assigned, because the imported JSON files does not contain any assignment information.

  1. You can find the import feature under '+ Create identity store' by clicking on the downward pointing arrow.
  2. Select 'Import from JSON file'.
  3. Your file manager will open where you can select an identity store file.
  4. A dialogue will ask you to apply a password policy.
  5. You can click 'Import' to continue.
  6. Once the process is completed, you can confirm with 'Done'.