Create a consent

Create consents that you can easily add to your application to comply with any data protection regulation you're contending with.

Consent Management provides you with a template to fill in your consent statements that customers can read and interact with. Then, you'll add the consent to an application to have it take effect.

1) Navigate to Consent Management in the Admin Console.

By navigating to the module, you will see the global consent list (every existing consent) of your instance:

The Consent Management page


In a new Strivacity instance, you will have the default Age Verification, Marketing Notification, and Terms and Conditions consents lined up.

2) Click '+Create Consent' on the right.

3) The consent editor will show up:

Blank consent editor

4) Add the basic information, contents, and markdown to the new consent.


Learn more about consent editor settings.

5) Click 'Save' once you've set up your new consent.


To put a consent into use, follow the steps described in Assigning a consent to an application.