Admin accounts

Learn more about how to create, protect and manage Strivacity Administrator Accounts.


Access provisioning is a chore you have to get done at every onboarding or when introducing new technologies to your team. You should give access as soon as possible to the tools your administrative and customer support staff need, but only to the ones necessary. For scalability, role-based access management should be delegated to team members who are given the right permissions to take on further provisioning.

In Strivacity, you can choose between two ways of providing access for your administrative staff and customer support crew:

Admin Users have full administrative access to all areas of Strivacity and customer identities.

Administrative users in an 'Admin' role have full access to all areas of Strivacity and customer identities.


It is strongly advised that you enable Multi-factor Authentication for all 'Admin' users after creating them.

You can find more information on how to provide secure access to your Strivacity instance with multi-factor authentication methods and other risk management tools on this page:

Admin adaptive MFA

Learn How To

1) Invite and admin user

2) Create an admin user

3) Self-service reset passwords in an admin account

Follow these steps to create a new admin account with Strivacity.

1) Multi-factor authentication setup for Admin Users

2) Log into the Strivacity Admin Console, select Tenant Configuration, then Admin Users from the main menu on the left-hand side of the console.

3) Log in to the Strivacity Admin Console using an admin account.