Integrations overview

Commonly used applications Strivacity integrates with

Commonly used applications Strivacity integrates with

Integration with your existing marketing, security, and data analytics stack is easy with Strivacity. You can integrate with your key systems right on the platform with no additional infrastructure required.

The guides in this section allow you to create, run, and test integrations with widely-used applications, such as:

  • Web analytics You can track and funnel customer activities to your analytics packages to translate customer behaviors into tangible outcomes.
  • CRM, CDP, and marketing You can check product entitlements, exchange data with your sales and marketing stack to migrate customer information and keep records in sync.
  • Seamless login You can add the external identity provider of your choice to the login flow to provide SSO for your employees or partners. You can also leverage existing social identities and streamline customer information updates. Passwordless solutions also reduce friction and allow authentication from multiple portable devices.
  • Security You can protect your brand with fraud detection solutions that analyze online behavior, assign trust and risk scores to customer activity, or provide you with security alerts to stay ahead of potential threats.


Plug-in library

If your looking for other applications to integrate with, check out our plug-in library for pre-built integrations. If you prefer building a custom integration, you can tap into the power of Lifecycle Event Hooks.