No-code components

Strivacity is a vault of no-code CIAM components that gets you started wicked fast with your customer experiences. You have at your fingertips pre-built journeys, customization tools, out-of-the-box integrations, and security best practices covering all the common CIAM use cases— even those you dream up. You control all of this from one place to craft customer experiences that wow users and grow revenue.

No-code components beat building and hosting your own journeys from scratch. Here's why:

Pre-built solutions

Save time and money Our one-stop platform and “clicks over code” philosophy shrinks your months-long implementation timeline to weeks. Some integrations can take mere minutes.

Customization Pre-built no-code components don’t mean you have to give up on customization. The platform's granular controls allow you to create just about any scenario you can think of with a look and feel that matches your brand.

No PhD in IAM required You don’t have to know the ins and outs of Identity and Access Management (IAM) to get your customer experiences off the ground.

Strivacity no-code components are jam-packed with key CIAM capabilities that kick-start customer sign-in experiences you can be proud of. Our no-code components include:

  • Login, registration, and in-line self-service
  • Brand admin portal
  • Organization admin portal
  • My Account portal


All of these core capabilities can be taken to the next level with Lifecycle Event Orchestration™.


Security is at the core of Strivacity’s design. Our team of product security experts made it their mission to incorporate security into software development from day one.

Security best practices, such as industry-standard OIDC and SAML authentication, native adaptive MFA capabilities, risk analysis techniques, FIDO2, and many more are available with a flick of a switch. The good news is security doesn’t get in the way of your customer UX. You have the controls in your hands to tune up or down security based on risk and trust indicators. While the Strivacity Risk Engine™ fends off suspicious activities, you can let customers who exhibit trustworthy behavior zip through.


Strivacity is purpose-built for CIAM, with an emphasis on the 'C' for customers, which is why we usability test all of our customer journeys to ensure a good baseline user experience to craft your brand’s experience on. Customers are more willing to stay on your sites and build a relationship with your brand if the experience is worthwhile. Good customer UX helps you drive up engagement, conversion, and ultimately revenue.


Your brand experiences created with great care are experiences for all. We incorporate accessibility practices into our product development and make sure by continuous third-party testing that we meet or exceed accessibility standards. You can be sure that you provide delightful experiences for users of all abilities.