Web analytics

This sections goes through the supported web analytics packages, their configuration, and the customer actions that can be made available for the analytics package(s) of your choice.


Customers leave behind traces of their activity in your products all the time. Great value lies in collecting and interpreting these traces: with the right analytics skills combined with the rich customer data coming from multiple sources, you can identify meaningful customer behaviors and translate observations into substantial business outcomes.

Our support for various web analytics packages allows you to funnel data from your Strivacity-managed experiences into your trusty analytics tools.

Supported web analytics vendors: Amplitude,  Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel

Integration guides

Tracked customer activity

Here are the currently supported customer activities you can track and pass down to any of the integrated analytics package(s):

Customer activityAnalytics inputFeature
PAGE_CHANGEDCaptures every event when a customer changes screens during the login journey and the self-service account experience.You can learn more about the self-service customer experience here.
SESSION_DELETEDCaptures the event when a customer deletes their running session(s).Customers can access their session in the self-service account under 'Security settings'.
ACCOUNT_UPDATEDCaptures every update customers make in their profile information.Customers can access their profile information at 'Personal information'.
With self-service policy settings, you can adjust how customers can manage their profile information.
ACCOUNT_PASSWORD_CHANGEDCaptures successful password change in the self-service account.Customers can change their passwords under 'Security settings'.

You can allow in-account password reset for customers via self-service policies.
ACCOUNT_DOWNLOADCaptures the event when a customer downloads their account information.Customers can download their complete account information in 'Privacy & Data'.
AUTHENTICATOR_ADDEDCaptures every event when a customer enrolls in a multi-factor authenticator in their self-service account.Customers can enroll in authenticators under 'Security settings.
You can set up the MFA options available to customers with adaptive MFA policies.
AUTHENTICATOR_UPDATEDCaptures every time a customer disables or enables their email or phone authentication factors in the self-service account.Customers can switch on and off authentication factors under 'Security settings'.

You can manage factors available to customers with adaptive MFA policies'.
AUTHENTICATOR_DELETEDCaptures the event when a customer deletes a multi-factor authentication method.Customers can manage authenticators under 'Security settings'.
You can set up the MFA options available to customers with adaptive MFA policies.
CONSENT_UPDATEDCaptures the event when a customer revokes or grants an optional consent in their self-service account.Customer can access their consents under ''Privacy & Data'.
Customers can't opt out of mandatory consents.
You can enable consent management for customers via self-service policies.
APP_LAUNCHCaptures the customer launching an other application from their self-service account.Customers can access their available applications at 'Your applications'. This menu is only displayed if customers have other applications they can launch. You can enable this capability by completing this setup.
ACCOUNT_DELETEDCaptures the event when a customer confirms their account deletion request.You can allow customers to delete their accounts via self-service policies.

In case of every account deletion request, customers are sent an email (if an email address is provided) to confirm their choice.


Every event captured is passed down to the analytics packages with a timestamp.