Google Analytics

This page explains how to integrate with Google Analytics to pass customer data on to your web analytics package from Strivacity-managed experiences.


By integrating with Google Analytics, you will be able to pass down product usage information from your Strivacity applications' sign-in, sign-up, and self-service journeys. With tracking activities, you can see how customers interact with your brand, recognize recurring trends, and pinpoint usability issues and drop-off points for better overall business outcomes.


Strivacity's support for web analytics tools allows you to quickly integrate with the analytics package of your choice and funnel customer-generated data into them.


Customer data is collected across every available application that your customers actively use.

Web analytics tools


Google Analytics

  • The Measurement ID of your web analytics tool


  • Applications you collect customer activity from

Configuration steps

1) In the Strivacity Admin Console, navigate to Configuration > Web Analytics.

2) Click the '+ Add a vendor' button.

3) Select 'Google Analytics' from the list of available web analytics service integrations.

Add web analytics screen

4) You can add the ID of your analytics tool in the 'Measurement ID' field.

Google Analytics screen

5) Click 'Save' to finish the integration.


Your analytics package will be ready to receive customer data from your Strivacity-managed experiences.