Setting up your instance

New to the Strivacity platform? This guide helps you get hands-on with the Admin Console fresh out of receiving your welcome email so you can make the most of your first-time administrative experience.

Welcome email

Password reset

You receive a password reset link in your email where you can provide a secure password for your new instance.

Admin login link

Your email also contains the login URL for brand admins. You can circle back to the welcome email any time you need a quick redirect to your Admin Console.

Logging in for the first time

As the no. 1 brand admin of your new instance, you have administrative rights to every segment of the Admin Console.

The admin navigation on the left breaks down the Admin Console capabilities into three parts:

Account management settings

In the first section of the navigation, you can find everything related to account management, from managing individual accounts to checking the overall user statistics of customer applications.

Application settings

This part contains every component you need for setting up an application.

Instance configuration

You will find everything related to Admin Console configuration here. You can manage the administrative experience, set up brand admin accounts, determine different levels of access, check logs, and perform other advanced settings.


Default password hashing algorithm

Your Strivacity instance comes with a default password hashing algorithm. You can file a request to our customer success team to change this default algorithm. Every existing and imported password across your instance will get upgraded to the new hash at login or password reset.

Creating your first application

Your branded sign-in, sign-up, and self-service experiences are brought to your customers via applications. You can learn how to create your first application at the linked resource. You will be able to configure a basic application to your preferences using only clicks to create and test out your branded experiences.

Adding other brand administrators

Strivacity is a multi-faceted workspace that allows you centralized control over all things CIAM. If you need more hands on deck, you can set up additional brand admin accounts to spread the workload among team members or across departments.

You can get new brand admins on board by inviting or creating their accounts.

Role-based access control allows you to allocate different parts of the administrative experience to your teams who contribute to the customer lifecycle in different ways, such as customer service, branding, compliance, and so on.