Identity verification



Identity verification is an add-on capability. Check with your Strivacity sales or customer success representative to add these features to your service.

Find out more about identity verification best practices added to identity verification policy templates by default.

Establishing trust in your customers' identities prevents the misuse of your services, protects your brand’s reputation, and may be necessary to comply with regulations.

Strivacity's identity verification features strengthen the security of your applications by confirming the identity of your customers online without getting in the way of usability. It offers a secure way to make sure the people interacting with your brand are legitimate customers while preserving customer satisfaction.

A preview of the identity verification workflow

A preview of the identity verification workflow


There are two types of identity verification: identity proofing and identity affirmation. These are two separate concepts with similar goals. They both seek to increase the likelihood the person registering an account is who they say they are. Yet, each concept provides different levels of assurance using distinct techniques.

Identity proofing

Identity proofing is a document-centric method that verifies a customer has possession of an identification document (e.g. a photo ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.), is the person described in the document, and is the same person registering the account.

Identity proofing provides the highest level of assurance that a person claiming an online identity is actually the true owner of it.

Identity affirmation

Identity affirmation is a data-centric method that collects information from a customer and matches it against reputable sources such as credit bureaus and telephone service providers. This technique relies on information only the customer should know and can be accomplished via phone record matches, or asking a customer about events in their financial history.

Identity affirmation increases the level of assurance that a person claiming an online identity is actually the true owner of it, and can be easier and more convenient for customers than identity proofing methods.


Identity verification is an umbrella term that refers to both identity proofing and affirmation and will be used throughout Strivacity products and documentation.

Identity verification modules

Identity verification policies consist of several modules and steps that you can assemble according to your risk tolerance. You can find out more about each module at the links: