Self-service policies allow you to decide how to empower your customers in managing their own customer experience.

Self-service settings and customer experience

Self-service settings and customer experience

Strivacity's self-service capabilities empower your customers to do basic administration and troubleshooting for themselves, freeing up your helpdesk and customer service staff to focus on more complex support cases.

Self-service capabilities provide:


Take a look into how put customers in charge of their personal information, account security, or data handling.

  • Self-registration
    • Account activation
  • Account recovery
    • Self-service username reminder
    • Self-service password reset
    • Self-service MFA re-request
  • Self-service account management
    • Personal information
    • Account settings
    • Security settings
    • Privacy and data
    • Application quick access

You can manage all self-service capabilities through the Admin Console: enable or disable them on a per-policy basis and assign your configuration to any of your applications.


Learn more about the options we offer in our self-service policies.


Customer-facing experiences can also be re-branded using your own logo and color scheme. See Using Your Own Logo and Color Scheme for more information.

Learn about

Learn how to

  1. Create a Self-Service Policy
  2. Edit a Self-Service Policy
  3. Copy, export, and import self-service policies
  4. Delete a Self-Service Policy
  5. Assign a Self-Service Policy to an Application