Self-service policy settings

Find out about the many ways you can refine your customer's experience from the self-service policy's control panel.


Self-service policies allow you to help your customers help themselves. You can add self-help and self-service capabilities to your applications that let customers solve everyday account issues like forgetting a password or managing consents. You can make your application’s customer experience as self-sustained as you prefer, depending on how many bottlenecks you’d like to remove from customer service operations.


Changes made to a policy in current use take immediate effect in your application's self-service accounts.


Newly created self-service policies and the Default policy have every setting enabled.


Confirmed email address The email identifier (valid from registration) or the primary email address enrolled as an MFA authenticator. The primary email address is confirmed during enrollment by a one-time passcode.

Confirmed phone number The primary phone number enrolled as an MFA authenticator. The primary phone number is confirmed during enrollment by a one-time passcode.

Basic setting

Self-service policy name

You can name your self-service policy here.

This name will be displayed in the Self-Service Policy listing at applications and used to refer to this policy throughout Strivacity.

Self-service functionality

This is where the real magic happens🪄. You can find out more about the core self-service capabilities you can add to customer accounts on the following pages:

Curious how all of these components come together in your customer experience? Check out how self-service capabilities put customers in charge of their personal information, account security, or data handling.

About link expiry

We've included fields for defining the lifetime of various self-service links that customers are sent or can request for themselves.

'Lifetime' indicates the time customers have for completing an action after they receive the link. Links always expire after customers complete the action they're required by the link.


Customer self-service links do NOT expire upon the first click. Customers can re-launch their workflow with the same link within the provided lifetime.


Customers can re-request any self-service link that has expired with the exception of account activation links. If enabled, account activation is only sent once after customers submit their registration form.