Delegated administration

Delegated administration allows B2B customer admins to become administrators of their organization user base and handle account management on a separate platform. You can relieve your brand of growing support needs by letting your B2B customers take care of their own account support.

Organization administration portal

Organization administration portal

Organization management

Every organization-enabled application offers an organization management portal you can set up with a few clicks. Organization admins can log in via the client and perform account management tasks within their selected organization.

Organizational portal

The org portal includes the same account management capabilities as brand admins have at their disposal in the Admin Console:

  • account search
  • identity management
  • account information management
  • authenticator management
  • identity verification

but in a dedicated environment. The organization portal allows org admins to manage specific customer bases.


Search across organizations with identifier uniqueness support

Org admins can find accounts in a single search across all organizations in a hierarchy where identifier uniqueness is supported.

Role-based access management

Role-based access management allows you to give access rights to organization admins. Thanks to cross-organization grants, org admins can take on roles in any organization, no matter their organizational affiliation. The only prerequisite for org admins is to live in the same identity store as the organizations and customer accounts they need access to.

Presentation layer

Org portals can take on their own look and feel to establish a distinct brand identity, but you can go further than that. You can change the presentation layer with JavaScript to display dynamic content, such as custom fonts, widgets, or any generated HTML or CSS element to enrich the brand experience.


You also have the option to integrate with our APIs if you prefer to do organization management through a homegrown client.