SailPoint Identity Cloud

Learn how to integrate Strivacity with SailPoint Identity Cloud to help minimize risk for your non-employee identities.


Deploy an 'After self-service login' hook in Strivacity to leverage SailPoint Identity Cloud's identity risk management capabilities.


The Strivacity integration with SailPoint Identity Cloud allows Strivacity to consume the identity risk score and account information from SailPoint to determine whether non-employee identities are associated with any known risk.

The identity risk score is consumed by Strivacity during non-employee account login to determine whether to step up the level of authentication required.

Strivacity - SecZetta integration diagram



  • Basic familiarity with nodejs, javascript, or similar languages

SailPoint Identity Cloud

  • Site and API key provided by SailPoint Identity Cloud


  • A Strivacity instance for testing
  • An application in your Strivacity instance to apply and test the Lifecycle Event Hook

Configuration steps

Create an 'After self-service login' hook from the SailPoint Identity Cloud plugin

Our plugin library contains an off-the-shelf SailPoint Identity Cloud event hook template that jumpstarts your integration process and allows you to customize it to your needs.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Lifecycle Event Hooks.
  2. Click ' Add plugin'. You will be redirected to the plugin library.
  3. Click on the SailPoint logo. You can find it in the Fraud Detection section.
  4. There will be a pre-select for the event hook, so you only need to click 'Add'.
  5. Wait for the SailPoint Identity Cloud hook template to be added.


If the Admin Console doesn't want to add the hook, it's most likely that the name of the hook is already taken. Click 'Edit' and you can modify the name of the event hook. Then continue with 'Try again'.

  1. If the hook has been successfully added, you can return to the list view with 'Back to plugin library', then 'Back to event hooks'.

Customizing the event hook plugin

  1. Select the SailPoint Identity Cloud event hook you've just added.
  2. At the top of the script, at 'ICS_API_KEY', you can add the API key you have obtained from SailPoint Identity Cloud.
  3. Click 'Save'. You can return to the event hooks with the 'Back to event hooks' button.

Implement additional logic as needed.

Create a Strivacity application

  1. Go to Applications and click 'Create Application'.
  2. Add a name, description, and define the mandatory properties of the application.
  3. Scroll down to Lifecycle Event Hooks and assign your 'After self-service login' hook to your Strivacity test application to integrate with SailPoint Identity Cloud.
  4. Save your changes.