Consent versioning

Learn how to maintain and update the versions of your consent requests.

  1. To edit your existing consents, navigate to Consent Management in the Admin Console.

By navigating to the module, you will see the global consent list (every existing consent) of your instance:

Consent list

Consent list

  1. Select the pencil icon to open a consent for editing.

  2. Make changes to the consent.


Learn more about consent editing options.

  1. Select Save.

When editing a consent, a dialogue will pop up, asking if you want to increase the version of the modified consent.

Consent update dialog

Consent update dialog

Consent updating offers you two options:

Save as same version

This way customers won't receive any alerts about the changes made to the consent statement: they're not prompted in any way to renew their agreement nor offered to opt out.


Save the consent as the same version if you don't think it's necessary for customers to note and accept the updated consent.

Save as new version

The version of the consent will be incremented by one after saving.

Version increased consents will automatically be shown to customers at their next login, letting them review and deliberately renew their agreement.


Go with version increase to make sure you're eliciting up-to-date consent agreements.

  • Mandatory implicit consent will appear upon a customer's next login as is.
  • Mandatory explicit consents will always appear with an empty checkbox for customers to intentionally renew the agreement.
  • Optional consents that the customer has previously opted in appear as an opt-out type of consent.


Instead of requiring action for expressing agreement, the customer is prompted to take action if they want to revoke their consent.