Using your own brand, logos, and color schemes

Learn how to rebrand your Fusion instance to use your own logo and color scheme for each application.


We understand the importance of building a brand that stands out to customers. When in search of your defining style, every detail is taken into consideration to achieve a consistent and distinguishable brand identity.

With branding support for applications, you can apply your brand’s carefully thought out identity and visual style to your services in a snap.

Your logo, your brand colors, your voice: with the Strivacity integrated brand visualizer, you can customize layout elements down to the last bit and add your communications to customer journeys to reflect your brand’s uniqueness across your applications.

Branding visualizer

The branding visualizer is a safe sandbox environment to test out your branding before it's applied to an application.

The branding tool brings together, all in one place, the ability to:

  • design the layout of your application interfaces using CSS
  • review the changes applied to customer interfaces in real-time
  • add your communications to different customer journey steps
Branding visualizer full-screen view

Branding visualizer full-screen view


Since branding policies can apply to multiple applications, branding visualizer content (e.g. which input fields, social login buttons, etc., appear) is sample content with your brand-specific changes displayed.


You can make sure your application looks exactly how you want it to be. The branding visualizer lets you try out your CSS before going live with your branding. Preview options that display the different stages of the customer journey are just a click away in the preview drop-down.

MFA enrollment preview with example CSS

MFA enrollment preview with example CSS


:bulb: Stylesheet import

It is also possible to import stylesheets for extra branding needs using the following code before any styling in the Custom CSS box.

@import url("<url>");

Journey step settings

The text fields on the right allow you to add your communications directly to the selected customer journey steps:

Registration journey with example additional text

Registration journey with example additional text

Learn how to:

1) Create a branding policy

2) Assign a branding policy to an application

3) Copy, export, and import branding policies