ID DataWeb - Attribute Exchange Network (AXN)

Learn how to integrate and use your existing ID DataWeb AXN Verify or ID DataWeb AXN Manage solutions with Strivacity to provide dynamic identity verification and adaptive authentication.


Strivacity supports integration with ID DataWeb's Attribute Exchange Network and its AXN Verify and AXN Manage products for any existing ID DataWeb customers. This enables joint customers to easily integrate the existing ID DataWeb solution into any customer registration process or during authentication - tying identity proofing and identity verification directly into your customer facing applications.

ID Data Web provides the following key features:

1) MobileMatch for verifying that the user has a phone registered to who they’re claiming to be.

2) BioGovID for verifying the user’s provided selfie matches an authentic government issued ID.

3) Dynamic KBA for verifying that the user knows answers to personalized questions about who they’re claiming to be.

4) Single Integration Point to a network of 70+ services that support 100+ countries across 3 tiers of identity verification – legal identity, relationships, and environmental context

5) Configurable Policy Engine to map complex scenarios using cross-provider risk scores

6) Preconfigured Templates for simplified compliance (International KYC, US investor verification

Setup IDDataWeb as your identity verification service during registration

To set up IDDataWeb as your identity verification service during your customer's self-service registration process, follow these steps:

Create a 'Before registration' hook from the IDDataWeb plugin

Our plugin library contains an off-the-shelf IDDataWeb event hook template that jumpstarts your integration process and allows you to customize it to your needs.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Lifecycle Event Hooks.
  2. Click ' Add plugin'. You will be redirected to the plugin library.
  3. Click on the IDDataWeb logo. You can find it in the Identity Verification section.
  4. There will be a pre-select for the event hook, so you only need to click 'Add'.


The 'Before registration' hook is used to invoke the ID DataWeb OIDC Flow during Strivacity's own OIDC Registration Flow. This is what provides and acts as the point of integration between the two solutions.

  1. Wait for the IDDataWeb hook template to be added.


If the Admin Console doesn't want to add the hook, it's most likely that the name of the hook is already taken. Click 'Edit' and you can modify the name of the event hook. Then continue with 'Try again'.

  1. If the hook has been successfully added, you can return to the list view with 'Back to plugin library', then 'Back to event hooks'.

Customizing the event hook plugin

  1. Select the IDDataWeb event hook you've just added.
  2. In editor view, you can customize the following configuration items at the top of the implementation:
const IDDW_CLIENT_ID = "";
const IDDW_URL = "";
const STRV_URL = "https://<domain>";


Please note that this implementation is a sample and is only provided as a guide. Please customize as you see fit for your environment and objectives.

Adding your hook to an application

Next, you will need to assign the IDDataWeb identity verification function to an application using the 'Before registration' event hook (it's easier than it sounds!).

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Applications
  2. Choose your customer-facing application that you are adding IDDataWeb to.
  3. Scroll down to Lifecycle Event Hooks and select 'Before registration' and the name of your IDDataWeb event hook.
  4. Click Save. This will save the configuration and complete the integration of ID DataWeb and Strivacity.