Login hint for organizational routing

You can redirect users from your brand portal directly to an organization when they try to log in from your site. You can do this by passing a login hint parameter to the Strivacty login flow.


The way you extract information from user interactions on your site to decide which orgnazations to route the customer to (e.g. based on country, business unit, etc.) is up to you, but passing that information on to Strivacity requires a specific format. You also need to make sure that the route information you include in the login hint points correctly to an organization configured on Strivacity's side.


Strivacity expects the payload of the organizational login hint in the following format:

   "type": "organization", 
     "organization": { 
       "route": "saasii" 


"Route" should contain the exact route identifier of the organization you want to route users to. The way you collect/capture information from your brand portal to fill in the "route" field is up to you.

  1. Use this JSON payload template to create a login hint string according to JWT standards.
    You can use a JWT encoder of your choice.
  2. Capture the header and payload part of the encoded JWT string.

Example JWT string



Only the header and payload are needed for the login hint. If you include the signature, the organizational login hint will NOT work. Please make sure to always include the. character at the end of your JWT string right after the payload.

Login hint

Here are the requirements for forming the login hint:

  • Start with your brand portal’s login URL. Example https://yourbranddomain.com/login
  • Introduce the login hint part by placing a ? character after the self-service URL.
  • Continue with login_hint=.
  • Add in the JWT string containing the payload information.
    ❗Please make sure to end the string with a . character.

With this link, users will be routed to a specific organization when they start the Strivacity customer journey.