Using the IDE

Learn about all of the functions of Strivacity's integrated IDE to quickly develop and test code snippets for enterprise integration with your existing home grown or 3rd party applications.

Main IDE screen:

The below screen and table describe the various elements and functions of the main IDE screen:

Lifecycle event hook IDE

Lifecycle event hook IDE

IDE ElementNameDescription
1Settings menuDisplays the IDE settings for this function. Here you can manage dependencies from the NPM registry (
2Hook NameDisplays the name of the current event hook that you are working with
3Try OutThis triggers the event hook to execute as if it was being triggered during the actual event. You can use this for testing purposes to ensure that your code snippet is working correctly
4Debug ModeToggling Debug Mode allows you to use the Try Out feature. You can see log output, in real time, from the event hook as it executes
5Toggle Screen SizeToggles the IDE view between windowed to full screen
6Debug LogsWhen Debug Mode is enabled, log output from the event hook is visible in the Debug Logs window
7ResponseShows the results of the call after using the try out feature