Self-service registration

This page walks you through configuration options for self-service registration.

Account registration

You can manage account self-registration options in this section.

Account registration settings

Account registration settings

Allow self-service personal account registration

If self-registration is allowed, customers can create accounts themselves. After they complete the login flow, enroll the required authenticators, and stated their consent, they'll be logged into their self-service account.


If you don't allow customers to register their accounts, you can still create accounts yourself

  • by sending invitations via email to customers
  • by creating accounts in Account management
Example registration form

Example registration form

Account linking

Customers will most likely log in more than one way into your apps if you offer multiple options, e.g. they could simultaneously use social login with your local login on the side.

Even if customers use more than one login provider to access your applications, they’d rather manage a single account instead of multiple ones. Account linking allows customers to link their social identities to a local account they’ve already registered with your brand. This way, no separate account will be created.


You can follow the link for a more in dept view into the workings of account linking.

Account linking customer experience

Account linking customer experience

Account activation

It's a good practice to require customers who sign up to your applications to confirm their email addresses. This way, customers can be sure they've provided the email they use and will receive future authenticators and account recovery links to the right mailbox.

On the other hand, you will have greater confidence that you have a valid email address in your listing.

Account activation settings

Account activation settings

Require customer to activate their account

Enable this setting to send your customers an activation link to confirm their email address and activate their account. Customers receive a magic link to the email address they've provided as an identifier.


In case of identity stores that only support the ‘USERNAME’ identifier, account activation is ignored.

Success screen stating the account was created succesfully

Success screen


If account activation is enabled, the account is created after registration, but customers can't log in until they've completed the activation workflow.

If you disable this option, then customers will not be required to activate their account to access it. They will be logged in right away (their session will be created) after going through registration.

Lifetime of new customer activation link by email

Here, you can define how long the customer activation link can be used after it's generated. Customers receive the activation link via email.

The link expires after the time is up or upon successful account activation.


The lifetime of the link is set to 12 hours by default.