Self-service registration

This page walks you through configuration options for self-service registration.

Self-service registration settingsSelf-service registration settings

Allow self-service registration

This setting makes self-service registration available on the landing page of your application.

If you disable this option, you can create customer accounts yourself

  • by sending invitations via email to customers
  • through the Strivacity Admin Console

Example self-service registration formExample self-service registration form

Require customer to activate their account

Enable this setting to send your customers an activation link to confirm their new account. Customers receive a magic link to the email address they've provided as an identifier.


In case of identity stores that only support the β€˜USERNAME’ identifier, account activation is ignored.

Account creation success messageAccount creation success message


If account activation is enabled, the account is created after registration, but customers can't log in until they've completed the activation workflow.

If you disable this option, then customers will not be required to activate their account to access it. They will be logged in right away (their session will be created) after going through registration.

Lifetime of new customer activation link by email

Here, you can define how long the customer activation link can be used after it's generated. Customers receive the activation link via email.

The link expires after the time is up or upon successful account activation.


The lifetime of the link is set to 12 hours by default.