Email configuration

By default, Strivacity sends notifications via our cloud provider’s SMTP server. Email configuration allows you to configure your very own SMTP server to relay notifications through your email service.

There are many reasons to use your SMTP server, especially if you have a large enterprise:

  • You will have greater visibility and control over your email traffic
  • You can implement best practices to avoid notifications becoming spam
  • You can be in charge of scaling your email delivery

All you have to do is provide the credentials to your proprietary SMTP server or email service provider to relay notifications through the mailing service of your choice.


  1. You can start by enabling custom SMTP configuration.
  2. You can select between two Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection types:
  • SMTPS uses a port (usually port 465) to secure end-to-end communication between the mail client and server. The secure connection lasts from start to finish.
  • StartTLS offers a different approach to encryption. In essence, it takes the existing plaintext SMTP connection and encrypts it with SSL/TLS. Encryption starts by issuing the StartTLS command. The typical port of choice is 587.
  1. Next, you can add the address of your SMTP server.
  2. Then, you can provide the port of your SMTP server.
  3. Finally, you need to provide the credentials of a user that authenticates into your SMTP server.
  4. Optional You can override the default sender domain with a custom value.

After saving the details of your SMTP server, you can send test notifications to your email address to make sure they come from your brand's domain.