Copy, export, and import self-service policies

Duplicate existing self-service policies or import policies from other Strivacity instances.

Self-service policy pageSelf-service policy page

Copy a self-service policy

1) Click on the copy icon Copy iconCopy icon of a self-service policy.

2) Strivacity will create an identical copy of the policy, appending its name with 'copy' at the end.

Copy of a self-service policyCopy of a self-service policy

3) You can make changes to the copied policy before saving.

4) Once you've made the necessary changes, click Save.


Your copy will be added to the self-service policy list.

Export a self-service policy

1) Select Select iconSelect icon a self-service policy.

2) Click on the overflow menu Menu iconMenu icon appearing on the right.

3) Click on 'Export selected'.

Self-service policy selected for exportSelf-service policy selected for export


A dialogue will open asking you to confirm your action.

4) Click 'Export' to continue.


The Admin Console will prepare a JSON file to download.

5) Save your JSON file to your folder of choice.

Import a self-service policy

1) Click on the downward pointing arrow Down arrow iconDown arrow icon at '+ Create Self-Service Policy'.

2) Select 'Import from JSON file'.

Self-service policy import optionSelf-service policy import option


Only JSON files of the same policy type, exported from a Strivacity instance can be imported successfully.

3) Your file manager will open. Select a previously exported self-service policy file.

4) You can confirm importing with 'Done' when the process finishes.


Importing may take a couple of seconds.

Import self-service policy successImport self-service policy success

The imported policy will be added to the notification policy list:

Self-service policy listSelf-service policy list