Strivacity Fusion: Las Vegas Release
This documentation provides all of the information that you need to start using Las Vegas, the latest release of Strivacity Fusion.

New Features:

API Security

Strivacity API Security provides a centralized service for all authentication to all your homegrown or customer facing APIs. API Security can:
    Ensure only approved applications can access your data and service
    Authenticate calling applications and generates tokens that are passed to your APIs
    Verify tokens that you receive from calling applications that use your APIs

Progressive Profiling

You can now use Progressive Profiling to acquire more information your customers by choosing which additional attributes/account information to request during account login.
Any additional account information requested via Progression Profiling can and can be:
    Stored as any custom attribute for a customer account within the Strivacity Identity Store
    Used with any claim mapping for synchronization with any other applications and other Identity Providers (IdPs)
    Synchronized to any third party systems during any event in the customer account lifecycle, using Lifecycle Event Hooks

Request New or Updated Consents at Login

Customers can now be prompted on login to agree any new consents, or re-certify any existing consents. This is useful if:
    There is a version change to an existing consent that you required a customer to agree too, such as a Terms and Conditions change.
    You wish to ask a customer whether they will consider agreeing to a new consent, such as email or mail-based subscription
    You wish to ask a customer to re-attest to an existing consent
Any new or updated consents can then be synchronized to any third party data stores or any existing Consent Management Platform (CMP).

Enhanced Dashboard and Reporting

The Admin Console dashboard now includes the following enhancements, making data visualization and reporting easier for your customer facing applications:
    Filter dashboard results by any individual customer facing application
    Filter dashboard results based upon any custom date and time range, with timezone selection
    Export any dashboard widget results to a CSV file with the ability to filter by application, date interval, and time resolution

Account Management Enhancements

This release contains a number of new capabilities to make it easier for helpdesk and call center representatives to better assist your customers. From within the Admin Console you can now:
    Send the customer an email with a secure link so that they can self-service reset their password
    Easily view the last login date/time and the date/time on when the account was last modified
    More quickly search for customer accounts by designating which account attributes to index and search for
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