Enterprise login

Learn how to use 3rd party identity providers and integrate those enterprise login's to your applications.


Strivacity provides your customers the ability to sign in to your web portal or applications using credentials from existing 3rd party identity providers using OpenID Connect or SAML.

When the customer uses an external identity provider to authenticate they are redirected back to your application and you benefit from some (you can choose how much) of their 3rd party identity provider profile information from being stored within the Strivacity Identity Store. You can also define (within each instance of the provider) the frequency on when this information is updated.

Key features

Enterprise SAML login

Strivacity also supports multiple external/enterprise SAML logins, such as from third party identity providers or any home grown SAML implementations.

Enterprise OIDC login

Strivacity also supports multiple external/enterprise OIDC logins, such as from third party identity providers or any home grown OIDC implementations.

Customer registration

When an provider is enabled for an application, a customer is then able to register to use that application using their enterprise login. This process requests the customers consent and according to that consent, Strivacity will initially synchronize any profile attributes from the identity provider with the Strivacity Identity Store.

Customer authentication

Once a customer has chosen to use an enterprise login, they can continue to use that account for any further authentication. This removes the need for customer to have to register an account and require a separate username and password (or Multi-factor Authentication) to log-in.

Customer data handling

Starting from customer registration, Strivacity can synchronize and store profile information from the 3rd party identity provider during each customer login. Since a customer can use multiple enterprise login providers, Strivacity supports the incremental updating of the customer account where the attributes from the last successful login would always win - ensuring the account is always up to date.

OAuth 2.0 scopes

Since Strivacity supports OAuth 2.0 scopes, you can choose selectively choose which attributes to synchronize to the Strivacity Identity store.