Regional availability and failover

Learn more about where the Strivacity platform is deployed and available globally

Regional availability

Strivacity can be deployed to any of the following regions/countries, globally:

Coverage by RegionCoverage by Country
AfricaSouth Africa
Asia-PacificAustralia (Melbourne and Sydney), Hong Kong, India (Mumbai and Hyderabad), Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan
EuropeFrance, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Middle EastBahrain, UAE
North AmericaCanada, United States (Oregon, San Francisco, Virginia)
South AmericaBrazil

Requesting Additional Regions

Additional Strivacity instances provide the following benefits:

1) Faster response times to your regionally hosted applications

2) Latency reduction between Strivacity and your regionally hosted applications

3) Enforcement of data sovereignty (ensure that your customers PII never leaves the country that your instance is deployed too)

4) Centralized management grouped to the regions of your choosing

If you require an additional region, please contact your Strivacity representative or email [email protected]


We’ve designed our architecture with significant redundancy. Our instances are deployed by default to three different availability zones, which would all have to fail within a single region to disrupt the Strivacity service.

Additionally, Strivacity’s single-instance, Kubernetes architecture has inherent support for high availability (HA) and failover between multiple availability zones. Availability zones may be physically separated within a region, making them somewhat resilient to environmental impacts. Most are physically separated by a meaningful distance although all are within 100 km (60 miles) of each other.

Data backup and disaster recovery

Strivacity currently takes advantage of a native cloud data backup and recovery service that covers all relevant customer data on regular intervals and can be replicated across regions. In the case of a catastrophic loss of an AWS region in which Amazon cannot recover from, disaster recovery would be performed to a new region.